Club Formation & Code of Conduct
Club Formation

The Auckland Central Cycling Club caters to the needs of cyclists of all levels and all ages - from recreational to seriously competitive.

The club came into existence on 22nd March 2010, when the members of the Grammar Cycling Club Incorporated agreed to a name change and a new constitution to establish a club with similar objectives, but broader in scope.  This was to provide a cycling club in Auckland City that would cater for all manner of cyclists, initially combining the personnel and resources of Grammar Cycling and former members of the Akarana Cycling Club which had ceased to operate.

The Auckland Central Cycling Club has been designed for those that want to license and race competitively, plus those that want to go in "fun" rides, those that want to join more disciplined bunch rides, or those that consider themselves recreational cyclists, but would be keen to benefit from joining a cycling focused club.  Whether it is school cycling, club cycling, road, track and even cyclo cross in the future - this is a club with everyone in mind.

Members can participate in the weekly Waterfront Time Trials, run on Tamaki Drive each Saturday morning.  First riders depart at 7am and you can enter on line from the home page of this site.

Code of Conduct

Objective – To foster safer riding and improved public perception of ACCC riders.

1.    Obey the Road Code

  • Obey all traffic regulations and, in particular:
    • Stop at Red Lights
    • Use lights, both front and rear whenever riding in the period from dusk to dawn; and

2.    Consideration of other road users

  • If riding in a bunch and it’s a busy/narrow road, ride single file to allow traffic to pass.  
  • Riders at the back of the bunch should inform the riders forward of them when there is a car or truck behind waiting to get past. The bunch can reform once the vehicle has passed.
  • Consider bunch size as appropriate for roading and traffic; if necessary break the bunch into smaller components for narrow/busy/built up roads.

3.    Don’t litter

  • Always retain your spent wrappers, etc and deposit in a rubbish bin, or take them home.

4.    Flat tyres/ mechanicals/ mishaps

  • Ensure your bike is reliable, has decent tyres on in good condition and carry spare tubes.
  • Ask any riders stopped for a mechanical issue or puncture if they need assistance, and if needed, assist them.

5.    Racing

  • Behave in a civil and professional manner at all events when representing ACCC.
  • Thank race officials and marshalls at events.

6.    General Courtesy

  • Nod, wave or say “Hello” to other cyclists.