Newsletter 7th December 2018

We are in the final stretch of the term now. This is a very busy time for you all and with that in mind we are keeping things meaningful but not long and drawn out.

Families  more

Sad news

Today we are very sad. Our wonderful caretaker passed away suddenly. Our thoughts are with his family.

Cross Country

Due to the wet weather our cross country day which was to be held tomorrow (Wednesday) has been postponed.
We will try for Friday 2nd.

Newsletter 19th October 2018

Welcome to the best school term. It’s the best for several reasons.
1. It’s not too hot but we can all get out and partake in outdoor learning
2. We can use the big fields!
3.  more

Newsletter 21st September 2018

We are a week away from the end of term. We finish on Friday 28th September and we come back on Monday 15th October.

The end can’t come soon enough for lots of pupils and staff, because  more

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