Sports Institute
The Sports Institute continues to thrive and to develop the talents of our young sportsmen. The high demand for places, and the extremely high standard of applicants that the programme receives is indicative of the increasing awareness in the local community
of what the Institute has to offer. There are five sports available: Basketball, Cricket, Hockey, Football and Rugby .

The opportunity for identified talent to train in the hours of daylight, with highly qualified coaches throughout the school year, offers these athletes the time to perfect existing skills and to learn and develop a wider range of new skills. The students also learn from each other, in an environment that fosters and encourages them to be confident and willing to make mistakes, with the ultimate
goal of working towards becoming an elite performer.

Selection is not limited to pure sporting talent. There must be recognition from the students that they uphold standards of academic effort and focus in all subjects. All intermediate school students entering high school whether in or out of zone who wish to perform at an elite level are encouraged to apply. A separate application form must be completed during the enrolment process. Please contact
the Sports Institute Director, Mr Rob Taylor, for any further details.

As always, the Form 3 group must reapply for the programme for their Form 4 year and particular attention is given to their year`s academic performance. The students at Form 4 level, as well as continuing to receive practical instruction in their code of strength receive an additional 3 periods of sports theory. This includes:

    Training plans
    Methods of training
    LTAD (Millenium institute)
    Components of fitness
    Tactics / Skills
    Mental preparation

This provides a good base of understanding for progression into senior Physical Education, as well as vital knowledge to be used in the development of their sporting careers.

Please note that Commitment to Westlake sport is a priority. All studnets must make themeselves available for Westlake in their chosen sport while a student at the college.

Director of the Sports Institute is Mr R Taylor, and the following staff coach the various sports in the Institute:

Basketball:  Mr M Jackson, Mr B Eves
Cricket:  Mr J Kirstein, Mr R Scivier
Football:  Mr N Dale, Mr A Mcbride, WYNRS Academy
Rugby:  Mr R Taylor, Mr M Calverley
Hockey:  Mr C Meredith, Mr S McCracken

In 2011 we have added to the form 4 programme:
Rowing: Mr N Salmon
Distance Running: Mr T Strydom

The programmes that these coaches have developed, and the insistence on extremely high standards combined with the obvious talent and aptitude the boys bring to each coaching session, create a great recipe for success.


The contribution that the Sports Institute students make when representing the school in regular competition or tournaments is substantial. It is such that all codes have experienced championship-winning success based on a core of Sports Institute members.
Sports Institute Guidelines

    The purpose of the Sports Institute is to achieve high performance from elite sportsmen within their specialised area.
    The Sports Institute offers talented young sportsmen advanced tuition from highly qualified and experienced coaches.
    A mix of practical and theoretical studies is taught. The programme can lead on to academic success in Physical Education
    at the senior level.
    The Sports Institute at Years 9 & 10 operates as a full option subject.
On enrolment, a separate Sports Institute application must be completed.
Selection Process

All Intermediate students who are serious about their sport and wish for the opportunity to excel are invited to apply for the Sports Institute programme. A separate application form must be completed detailing your sporting history.
After Selection

Maintenance of academic standards is a condition for continued involvement in the Sports Institute. This requires a high degree of motivation and to achieve at a level close to each individual's potential. The student must also represent Westlake Boys' High School
in the code for which he was selected for the Sports Institute throughout his career at the school.
How the Sports Institute Operates at Form 3 Level

Sports Institute is an option which as with all Form 3 options takes up 3 periods per 6 day cycle.

It is practical-based with the emphasis on teaching correct techniques, developing these techniques into tactics and improving a student's ability to perform at high levels of competition. The practical sessions for each code combine the Year 9 and Year 10 groups together.
Form 4 Level

In addition to the practical training of 3 periods per week, the Form 4 students also complete a theory course of 3 periods per week. There are 3 classes which are streamed according to school policy.