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Westlake Boys High School offers participation in robotics activities.

These include the following:

You can build a robot from kit parts (Vex kits supplied or your own).
You can compete in interschool Vex Robotics competitions.
You can design and build your own robot.


You can learn basic metal work skills – measuring and marking out, sawing, filing, drilling, counter-sinking, smoothing, riveting and more.

You can learn tool use and maintenance skills, e.g. dismantle and reassemble objects like an engine, a bicycle, printer, kitchen appliance, workshop machine or anything else.

You can learn about levers, gears and mechanisms used in robots and machines.

You can learn computer programming

You can learn computer graphics and design.

You can participate in CAD design competitions.

For our competitions we need photographers, reporters, caterers, mechanics, programmers, equipment managers, fund raisers and supporters doing all sorts of things. There are diverse activities to get involved with.


Other activities like machining, welding, fabrication and more are possible activities that could be undertaken in the future.


This robotics club is yours and you run it (with parent help and some teacher guidance).
You will learn teamwork, responsibility, co-operation, leadership and other valuable skills.


You need to be committed, attend regularly and undertake tasks to help run the club.

Costs include a school administration fee of $20 and a robotics club membership fee of $60 for the year (That helps to cover the expensive kit components but fund raising is also required).

Your parents need to approve of your involvement which is after school for building and occasional Saturdays for competitions (assistance with transport is appreciated).

There may be additional robotics activities or courses over school holidays.
For competitions you will need a Westlake team shirt.

See Mr Rein for a membership application form.
We meet in S4 or the D10 workshop after school. See you there.


Robotics is fun.

Robotics competitions are a game – run like a sport.

You do not need to know anything about robots.

Anyone can get involved because diverse skills are needed – marketing, writing, accounting, designing, planning, devising game strategy and driving skills. (Because of the latter we have boys building their own radio controlled vehicles).

We need mentors willing to share their skills - parents, relatives, friends and anyone else. Of particular interest are engineers, designers, fabricators, mechanics, electricians, business people but also anyone else willing to give a hand.

We will need contacts to source materials, do things for us or to advise us.

Each year there is a new Vex Robotics competition. It is run from America and kicks off across the world around May each year. (Google ‘Vex” and find out more).

The NZ Vex Regional finals are held in our term one each year and the world finals in Dallas, USA in April (around our Easter Holidays).

Top NZ teams go to the world finals and generous sponsorship helps to cover costs.

Huge sponsorships and scholarships are available at USA universities that know how robotics benefits students.

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