New Zealand (Men's) Lacrosse Association
President Dave Zussman
Secretary Roger Snow
Treasurer Bill Hollins
Director of National Team Operations Gavin Higgins
National Director of Junior Lacrosse Martin Lee
National Director of Senior Lacrosse Omar Al Kayat
Webmaster (Men's) Eric Messick  
New Zealand Women's Lacrosse Association
Publicity    Gemma Metcalfe       
President   Rhys Mowat      
Chairperson   Julie Bryan      
Secretary   Marina Samountry      
Treasurer   Sean Carter      
High Performance Director   Damon Jakeman  
National Tournaments Director   Gemma Rose  
National Umpiring Officer   Nicole Goode  
Webmaster (Women's)     Gemma Metcalfe      

Please note that we do not sell gear or equipment directly through our general enquiries.
Regional Contacts
For regional contacts, float over "NZ Lacrosse" above then over "Regions" and click on your region to find information and contact details for people in your area. If your region is not listed and you would like to develop lacrosse, contact the men's or women's president above.