2015 December Club Day

6 Dec 2015

Well thats another Club Day done for another year!!!  For results take a look at the my laps web site - http://www.mylaps.com/en/events/1226004

We started out this morning with a nice day that was set to get hot later on. This year we had the Group Two riders join us with some taking part in the Events for the day and the others going for a Sunday ride and coming back for coffee and some morning tea.

The days events started firstly with the Time Trial starting from Kara Hall and finishing at the base of the steep hill on Kokopu Block Road.  A big thanks to Julian for being our starter and to Marjoie, Paula, and Diane for making sure everyone took the correct turns and no shortcuts!  The only casualty of the this event was Butch getting a bit of S...T ( bird poo ) dropped on him and putting him off his game a bit.

Richard Young took out first place, with Wayne Kaire upsetting Liam Seeley and taking second place to give Liam third. First female was Kim Reyburn followed by Natasha Hammer.

Due to the new Club timing system results were done by the time i was back at the hall so to Chris Minhinnick's disgust there was very little rest and we were off to take on the Kara Road Climb!!  Starting at the intersection of Kara Road and McKinley Road this events climbs up to the top of the steep hill on Kara Road.  Some are always a little worried about this climb, but it was great to see some good efforts being put in by all.

First place was once again taken by Richard Young, Second to Liam Seeley (a bit happy this time but did comment that Richard got him again!!) with a solid effort to redeem himself from Butch to take third place.  First female was Kim Reyburn followed by Natasha Hammer and Paula Lang hot on her heels (Natasha's heels) in third place. Thanks to Marjorie for starting them off this time as our main marshall.

Next we took a small break for morning tea and for me to try to sort the Teams for the final event with the help of Diane, Margorie and Natasha.  I really missed having bob there as he picks the best teams and my attempt was to be seen in the results...

The Sunday ride group returned just as the mayhem started with the teams planning their races so got to see just how confusing Club Day can get!!

All up we had 5 teams with one team of 4 and the rest with 3 riders.  The object is for one rider of each team to complete 6 laps of the 7km course, one to complete 4 laps and 1 to complete 2 laps.  

Richard's team including Nau Puriri, Diane Kerr and Chris Minhinnick took out first place With Kim's team including, Rob Meadows and Marjorie Abraham took out second Place followed by Natasha's team taking third spot Natasha's team with Wayne Daley and Des Quinn was my pick to win, but wasn't quite to be.

At the end of the 4th lap Kim had a leak in her rear tyre so her and rob made a quick wheel change just after the line to get kim back out there to finish up the 6 lap total. A good effort and Rob possibly wondered what kim doing asking him as they approached the line what gears he had etc. and then saying "Give me your wheel!!"

Another huge effort was Angus Campbell completing 4 laps for his team while we all gave Paula a bit of stick for taking the 2 lap option...Paula must have decided it was easier to get back out there and help her team mates out than listen to our banter!! 

It was a great race and great day finishing with Wraps and Pita Pockets for lunch, some great little chocolate medals for first second and third places then a secret santa and a lucky prize draw!!!  It was good to see some family members come out and watch and i hope to get more out there at future Club Days.

Alex one of our new junior riders took away my second hand pump, a new set of tyre levers and a gas cartridge to ensure he is ready to change a flattie when he's out riding.

I would like to thank John Gilding (who wasn't at Club Day) but for offering to help me out and provide Nau Puriri with a front bar mounted water system to allow Nau to drink while riding. I have been riding with Nau over the last few months and have seen big improvements and it makes me proud to see him put the effort in that he does. 
  Nau is off to Invercargill this week to compete on Wednesday in a Paracgcling 15km Time Trial so we wish him well and hope he does our club proud (i know he will).  

Once again thanks very much to all the members, marshalls, and to Natasha, Diane, Lesley, and Marg for organising the food, coffee, prizes and making the day come together.

Incase you missed it - Results are here:" - http://www.mylaps.com/en/events/1226004 - 

Im looking forward to the next one in May!!

Thanks All.