Auckland City Council- Consultation on proposed safety improvements to Tamaki Drive

3 May 2010

Message from Mark Rodhouse – Urban Solutions Limited

Hi all,

I have been engaged by Auckland City Council to help them deliver road safety improvements across the city.

Auckland City Council is about to open public consultation on proposed safety improvements on Tamaki Drive as one of the outcomes from the working party established late last year following a serious injury accident at the intersection of Cliff Rd and Tamaki Drive.

CLICK HERE > for an overview plan of the proposed improvements. Please encourage your organisations and network of contacts to make submissions on the proposed works by using the detailed information and on-line feedback form available from 4pm today at the following website:  

Please note the last day for providing feedback is Monday 10 May 2010.  We are looking to make decisions on the final scope of works soon after, to allow any works to get underway in May.

Please do understand this set of measures is not seen as the full solution but as something that will provide some immediate improvement whilst being funded entirely from savings made this year in other areas of council expenditure.  

If you would like to promote different measures it is most helpful if you also include somewhere in  your comments whether you support or oppose the currently proposed measures.


Mark Rodhouse – Urban Solutions Limited
Project Manager

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