Cyclist 1, Car 0

11 May 2010

Driver Loses Licence for Harassing Cyclist

A large, black 4 wheel drive vehicle that deliberately cut off two cyclists by swerving from the middle of three lanes directly into the left lane in Auckland in Februrary lost his licence for six months.

One of the cyclists reported being missed by centimetres. The driver ‘gesticulated and made disparaging hand signals’ according to the cyclist, Mr S Best of Mt Eden.

The black vehicle was followed by a silver car, and when the black car stopped at some shops on the left, the silver car followed and parked beside it.  The driver of the black car got out of his car, and when asked by the two occupants of the silver car why he had tried to run the cyclists off the road he replied, “ Cyclists should not be on the road riding two abreast.“

When the cyclists then flagged down a patrol car, the occupants of the silver car offered to be witnesses, even going to court if necessary.

The endangered cyclist filed the required victims report via email and was contacted just prior to Easter to be told that no court case was necessary, as the defendant had been prosecuted for dangerous driving, fined, and disqualified from driving for 6 months.

Mr Best concluded, ‘If we want the other road users to respect us as cyclists, then we need to adhere to the Road Code. The police are there to help all road users both on two and four wheels.’