Handbooks, School Documents & Equipment Lists

Every curriculum area has an implementation document. The school also has handbooks for appraisal, professional learning of staff, and inquiry processes.
Policies are part of the handbook process and are available by clicking here.  (user name is ponsprim and password ponsonby)

ERO 1446 Ponsonby Primary School Confirmed Report.pdf

Health Strategy 2018/2019.pdf

Charter goals and action/strategy  for 2018-2020 Charter

Anti bullying handbook- recognition and prevention 2019 (reviewed Feb.2019)

Annual Report 2017 (Note: annual reports report on the previous year, hence 2018 is written and audited in March 2019)

The School Curriculum Outlines the NZ curriculum and special character focus of Ponsonby Primary.

Parent Handbook 2019 This provides guidance for parents around school practices.  

Staff Handbook 2019 This document is for staff to guide consistent practices for all teachers.

Well-being at school action plan 2019  (Annually reviewed)

Human Resource Handbook 2019- identifies different roles and job expectations which is important primarily to the staff

Staff Performance and Professional Learning Handbook 2019

Principal Performance agreement 

Linking teacher registration to Tataiako and Ka Hikitia

Maori achieving success as Maori

Pacifica Success Action Plan

School Assessment Handbook 2019 - A guiding document for staff around assessment planning and reporting

Maori Implementation Document - Provides a guide for teachers and is linked to the school Maori flip chart resources

Copies of all curriculum handbooks are held in the school office and are school self-reviewed on a 3 yearly cycle.

Parent Review form for all EOTC events click here   Parents are encouraged to review any trips offsite around student safety and school organisation.

School 2013 Effectiveness review graphs
School 2015 Effectiveness review questions and results
School 2016 Effectiveness review 
School 2017 Charter review