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All About Thames

Thames is a thriving, semi-rural town of about 7000 people. It is situated at the base of the Coromandel Peninsula and is just over one hour's drive from Auckland, New Zealand's largest city, (with over one million citizens.)

The town, which has a rich history of gold mining and timber milling, is famous for its beautiful beaches and natural scenery. In summer, many New Zealanders come to the Coromandel for their holidays. Fishing, boating and sailing are enjoyable past-times.

The main industries in Thames are a large timber mill, a large engineering factory, and a large factory that upgrades imported second-hand cars. Thames is a service town for the Coromandel, and has a busy shopping centre, a large hospital, good public library, and numerous sporting and cultural facilities.

Besides the main sports such as rugby, soccer, tennis, squash, basketball and netball there are a number of niche sports such as sailing, kayaking, cycling, horse-riding, Karate, Taekwondo and shooting which welcome new members. The aero club operates from a relatively busy local airport which operates every day of the week. If the desire is there, students can start to learn to fly from the age of 15 and solo from 17 years old. Gliding and tandem parachuting is also an option.

Culturally there are a number of organizations that one can become involved in. There is a very active Musical Theatre Group which stage at least two major shows each year. The Thames Concert Band plays an active life in the community and also achieves well in the NZ Concert Band Festivals. Art groups are popular and there are numerous other clubs which cater for interests ranging from dancing to stamp collecting!

Thames is the gateway to the Coromandel Peninsula and all the main tourist beaches and destinations are easily accessible.

For further information of the town and the region click on these links.

Curriculum Subjects

We offer a full range of subjects at all levels. YR11 and YR12 students must take six subjects, but most YR13 students take only five, and use their free time to study. International students will be assessed when they arrive, and their placement will depend on their academic ability and level of English. However we do our best to place students in the subjects they choose.

You can download a Curriculum Flowchart from this site or email the school to receive one. Please read it carefully and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.


Thames High School offers the following qualifications

  •     National Certificate of Educational Achievement (Levels 1-3)
  •     National Certificate of Employment Skills
  •     National Certificate of Computer Studies

We can also make arrangements for students who wish to sit the TOEFL and IELTS examinations.

School Information

School Terms
The school has four terms of ten weeks each, starting in late January and ending in early November for Seniors (Years 11-13) and early December for Juniors (Years 9-10). 

All students must wear the school uniform. This will cost the student about NZ$300. International Students who come for a very short period might not be required to wear the uniform.

The School Day
The school day is from 8:55am - 3:10pm. Thames High School is running a 10 day timetable.
On every day there are three 90 minute periods. 
On a Wednesday there is also a 40 minute Learning Advisory time.
The mid-morning and lunch breaks vary according to the day.
You can download the weekly timetable here.
School is open from Monday to Friday, and there are never lessons on Saturday, although most sports teams play their games then. 

Most students bring their own lunch to school although they can buy it from our canteen.

Smoking is forbidden by all students at school. Smoking in school uniform outside of school is also forbidden.

Thames High School is situated within easy walking distance of the Thames township. Only Year 13 students may leave the school during the day without permission.

International students are not permitted to own or drive motor vehicles while attending Thames High School.

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