Principal's Message
Welcome to Westlake Girls High School

It is our commitment that every Westlake girl is provided with the educational environment needed to achieve personal excellence, inside and outside the classroom. Staff have high expectations for students, from the minute they enter the school in Year 9. 

Westlake Girls is divided into five vertical Houses, providing senior student leaders with the greatest exposure to juniors, in a variety of leadership roles. This means school values and expectations are effectively modelled by staff and students in families of 440 members. High standards of personal presentation and behaviour, and a willingness to fully participate in school life, is an expectation of every member of the school community.

Our first priority is academic success. Recent academic results place Westlake
Girls among the leading schools in NZ Scholarship and we are tracking higher in  NCEA than Decile 8-10 Girls’ Schools nationally. Annually, Westlake staff commit to developing their skills, to provide the highest quality education possible.

A wide range of sporting and cultural opportunities are available at Westlake Girls and we are a nationally recognised leader in a number of extra-curricular activities. The Westlake Girls High School and Westlake Boys High School top music ensembles were acclaimed internationally last year when awarded First Equal Choir, First Equal Symphony Orchestra and First in the Concert Band category at the Summa Cum Laude International Music Festival in Vienna, July 2014.

Kind Regards

Roz Mexted