Principal's Message
I am delighted to welcome you to Westlake Girls High School. Our school offers an outstanding education for young women. Core values and principles underpin a dynamic learning environment and our students are given every opportunity to achieve personal excellence. A range of world class facilities and 21st century technologies have been added in recent years, complementing well established programmes and traditions. 

We have high expectations of Westlake Girls. We expect them to be courteous, positive and fully engaged in all aspects of school life. From Year 9, students are encouraged to give service to the community and to demonstrate leadership. It is rewarding to witness them developing self-efficacy and confidence from full participation in all that is offered at Westlake Girls. 

Graduates leave feeling well prepared to lead exemplary lives, with a willingness to fully engage in all that life offers them. Our first priority is academic success. We frequently review teaching and learning modules, to ensure that the very best pedagogy and approaches are employed. High expectations apply for all students regardless of whether they attend University or embrace alternate tertiary pathways. 

Students are encouraged to manage time well and to undertake daily independent work that complements class work. A range of student and staff achievements are celebrated at weekly assemblies. Public recognition and acknowledgment is very important and develops a strong culture of academic excellence. Results in external qualifications are well above national averages and each year we improve on previous results. Extra-curricular opportunities in sport and the arts see students develop well rounded skills and self-efficacy. 

Westlake frequently achieves national and international honours, in addition to many others locally and regionally. Staff are committed to all students leaving Westlake with qualifications they are proud of and that provide choices later in life. Westlake graduates study at universities throughout New Zealand as well as internationally. 

Now it is time for you to enjoy our website. Please visit us to experience what we offer and I look forward to meeting you personally. 

Roz Mexted