School Uniform
Westlake Girls High School has a significant profile on the North Shore and in Auckland, with many representatives at events in wide ranging disciplines. The Board of Trustees, through the Principal, expects full co-operation of all students and parents in maintaining a high standard of dress code in every situation.

Westlake Girls Uniform Shop is now operated and managed by UNIFORM GROUP. Download the latest pricing, payment info and uniform regulations from the right hand column of this page.

Westlake Girls Uniform  (Gallery)

Westlake Girls Uniform  (Gallery)
Opening Hours

Day:  Monday - Friday
Time: 12:25 - 1:15

(During Term Time Only)

Saturday  11 Oct     CLOSED

Monday             13 Oct      12.25 - 1.15pm
Tuesday             14 Oct     12.25 - 1.15pm
Wednesday     15 Oct      12.25 - 1.15pm
Thursday           16 Oct      CLOSED
Friday                  17 Oct      12.25 - 1.15pm
Saturday            18 Oct      CLOSED

Monday               20 Oct     12.25 - 1.15pm
Tuesday               21 Oct     12.25 - 1.15pm
Wednesday       22  Oct    12.25 - 1.15pm
Thursday             23  Oct    CLOSED
Friday                    24  Oct    12.25 - 1.15pm
Saturday              25  Oct    CLOSED

Monday                27 Oct     ClOSED
Tuesday                28 Oct     12.25 - 1.15pm
Wednesday        29 Oct     12.25 - 1.15pm
Thursday              30 Oct     CLOSED
Friday                     31 Oct     12.25 - 1.15pm
Saturday               1 Nov       9.30 - 12.30pm

Monday                 3 Nov      12.25 - 1.15pm
Tuesday                 4 Nov      12.25 - 1.15pm
Wednesday         5 Nov      12.25 - 1.15pm
Thursday               6 Nov      12.25 - 1.15pm
Friday                      7 Nov      12.25 - 1.15pm
Saturday                8 Nov      9.30 - 12.30pm

Note: The shop will be closed on Public Holidays and Teacher only days. Proof of purchase is required for any exchanges, garments need to be in original packaging.

WGHS Shop Hours and Exchanges (PDF)
Uniform Regulations
What Uniform can you wear in 2014?

WGHS Uniform Regulations (PDF)
Payment Information
Account information and how to pay via Layby, OnLine, Cheque, Eftpos or in person?

WGHS Payment Information (PDF)

Uniform Price List
New Uniform Fittings and Pick up of orders.
Black School jackets, Jerseys and Scarves are all back in stock, get in now to avoid missing out! 
Contact Details
Phone: 09 486 4012 

Note:  If the shop is unattended or busy your phone call will default through to Uniform Group's Head Office