Technical excellence

We’ve made sure that the technical side of your website is top notch.

Once your new AllTeams site is up and running, we’ll be on hand to fix any little bugs that crop up, add enhancements and upgrade your site speed.

You’ll be able to search for any documents or other information housed on your site and everything will be kept safe on our hosting service, which is backed up in two NZ locations.

Easily view your web traffic information on Google Analytics, and see your website rank well in a search with our expertise in search engine optimisation.

Make the most of your new site with up-to-date techincal features – get in touch with AllTeams now.

Optional extras

Any special features you need can be added to your website as it’s built.

Competition software allows you to load and view player statistics and awards, display upcoming matches in a newsfeed or in your automated newsletter. This means your players can easily see when and where their next game is.

If you need a lot of resources on your site, a knowledge management system will let you find them easily in a search. An easy upload system will allow you to construct pages around different tags with a click of a button. You can create totally interactive websites for each team so they can connect with text alerts and see their team information like match location, draws and results.

For a little extra technical help, you can choose our premium support, so you can call or email us whenever you need. We can also set up your whole site for you. Add any extras you need to your site, simply and easily –get in touch with All Teams now.

Get everything you need for your new site

There’s a lot that goes into building a site and marketing your organisation so we’ve put together a crack team of professionals to help you when you need it.

To help you really stand out, we can design your logos, brochures, banners and flyers and arrange to have everything printed. You can also add impactful images to your material, with a professional photography service.

If you need compelling, easy-to-read text crafted for your website, our copywriting partner is ready to help. Get your new site seen by the right people with our search engine optimisation.

Onsite or Skype training sessions will make sure you’re up to speed with the AllTeams system.

Whether you need help running your new site or creating compelling marketing materials, talk to us today.

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